📰How to Auto Post Blogs to Your Social Media Account

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can effortlessly auto-post your blogs to your social media accounts using our automation tool.

Step 1: Navigate to Flows

Open Social Schedular app and navigate to the "Flows" section. This is where you can set up automation flows to manage your social media posts efficiently.

Step 2: Create a New Flow

Click on "Add Flow" to start creating a new automation flow specifically for your blog post.

Step 3: Select the Event

From the available events, choose "Blog Post Published" as the trigger event. This event will initiate the automation whenever you publish a new blog post. You'll also see a dropdown menu with a list of your blog post categories.

Choose the specific blog post category that you want to auto-post when a new blog is released.

Step 4: Choose Social Media Channels

Select the social media channels where you want your blog posts to be auto-posted.

Please be aware that Instagram does not support clickable links in posts, so your blog post on Instagram will not include a direct link.

That's all. Your Flow will run once every hour, and if there are any new blogs posted in a specific blog category, your Flow will automatically post them.

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