One click upsell

One click upsells or Post purchase upsells are sales funnels that let your customer buy an upsell item with just one click

What is one click upsell?

One click upsell is a new way of recommending products to your customers, where if they accept the offer, they don't have to reenter their payment info. Here is an example:

Let's say you are selling dog shampoos.

  • A customer buys it and then proceeds to complete their checkout.

  • They enter their personal info, shipping info and their payment info

But right after this instead of showing the order status or thank you page, you can show them a final one click offer for a dog conditioner that will go great with that shampoo. The advantage of using BYG is, if they choose to accept the offer, there are no additional steps!

The conditioner is added to their order, their card is automatically charged for conditioner price and they are taken to the order status page.

How to create your one click upsell funnels

To create a new one click upsell offer in BYG:

Click on the One click upsells tab

Now click on the button Create new funnel

  1. Enter a name you want to give this funnel. It's only for your internal usage and analytics. Your customers wont see the name.

  2. Choose the eligibility criteria or trigger for this funnel. You can read more about eligibility criteria and how they work here:What are eligibility criteria?

  3. Enter a Start date if you want to start this funnel on a future date or leave blank to start your funnel immediately.

  4. Enter an End date if you want to stop this funnel on a future date or leave blank otherwise.

  5. Then click Go to design

It would take you the Funnel Designer where you preview your funnel and make changes to it in real time.

The Funnel Designer is split into two columns, left sidebar has the widgets and their settings. Right column has the offer preview. The left sidebar has the the following settings:

  1. Upsell offer source: Choose how the upsell offer product would be picked. Available options are:

    1. Most expensive item in the cart: So the most expensive item will be shown in their upsell offer with an added discount.

    2. Least expensive item in the cart

    3. Specific product: If you want a specific product to be shown in the upsell offer instead of auto picking.

  2. Discount: Select the discount you want to offer to the first upsell. BYG supports both percentage based (10%, 20%) and fixed amount ($10, $20).

  3. Offer expires: To create urgency you can add a timer that will automatically hide the offer after a certain time.

  4. Downsell: Selecting this will take the customer to the downsell offer after the timer expires.

  5. Go to Thank you page: Selecting this will take the customer to the Thank you page and complete their order. No further offers will be shown.

  6. When accepted: This card lets you choose what happens when customers accept the first offer. You have two options here

  7. Upsell: Selecting this will let you add another offer. Similar to the first offer you can pick a product manually or let BYG pick it based on the cart

  8. This is where you pick the source for second offer.

  9. You can also give the second offer a discount.

  10. When rejected: This card lets you choose what happens when customers reject your first offer.

  11. You can choose whether to downsell or go to Thank you page.

  12. If you choose to downsell, you can choose the product you want to offer.

  13. You can also add a discount to your downsell offer.

For one order you can show a maximum of two one click offers.

Once you are happy with your offer, you must save it by clicking the Save button on the top right corner.

Lastly, close the Funnel Designer by clicking on the Exit button on the left top corner.

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